Exipure Weight loss Supplement:  234,000 real reviews or fake numbers

Exipure is a dietary supplement created with eight all-natural and organic ingredients crafted for weight loss. It is an American supplement and has been directly competing with other heavyweight brands on its tier. Created by Dr. James Wilkins, Dr. Lam, and Jack Barrett, this formula aims to provide a healthy solution for overweight and obese individuals in the form of brown adipose tissue (brown fat) stimulation.


Exipure has been around for quite a while now, and while we do not have the exact numbers of those who have already tried the supplement, there are certainly tons of reviews about it going around on the world wide web right now. So while this review might get buried in the tons of articles written about the topic, we still want to deliver the freshest details about this product straight to your smartphones and computer screens.

With this review in mind, we will tackle the supplement exactly how real studies in the scientific field would tackle the subject. While not as formal as it should be, it is targeted at simple folk like you and me to understand the whole scope of the product thoroughly. Questions concerning the “why” and “how” will be presented in old fashion. Is this product safe, efficient, and effective? We will answer all that in this Exipure review.

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What is Exipure?

Exipure is a weight management dietary supplement. It helps lower your weight and body mass index by epic proportions. It is done healthily, of course. This is its primary edge against other supplements that induce weight loss.

How does it do it? We will discuss more on the specifics later, but the primary drive is the stimulation of your brown fatty tissues. Yes, you heard that right. Brown adipose tissue is a helpful type of fat that burns itself down for the sake of your energy supply. So put, without them, you will feel lethargic!

Research shows that people with low brown fat are generally overweight or obese. Therefore, Exipure gives you access to a blend that can increase this type of fat in your system. So how does it make you lose weight? Studies also show that increasing brown fat inversely decreases your white adipose tissue or white fat.

White fat is the primary cause of your overweight issues and health complications. It envelops your organs, provides you with excess cholesterol levels, and increases your weight by a considerable amount. You could say that Exipure was created as a counter to this threat.

Exipure is a supplement packed in secure bottles of 30 capsules each. They are predominantly green and white, and their capsules are made with soluble vegetable material. Furthermore, it doesn’t have preservatives and is free from GMOs. Currently, there are around 234,000 users of the said product (as per the latest count last 2021). Also, on Trustpilot dot com, it has 4,2/5 stars and is over reviews 446 positive reviews.

Exipure Official Website: Click here and go to Exipure official website. 

What is inside Exipure’s Proprietary Formula?

Exipure’s proprietary formula consists of eight organic ingredients that have been specifically chosen for this particular objective in place. But, of course, the stimulation of brown adipose tissue is no ordinary feat as if it was that easy. But, then we should have done it seamlessly every day a long time ago.

Our diets don’t permit the everyday supplementation of these nutrients. This is why Exipure is here. It is here to deal with that nutrient deficiency and smack in some of the best nutrients to boost your brown adipose tissue levels to new heights – because if they become dominant, the white fat tissues will begin to dwindle in number!

Exipure’s proprietary formula is no ordinary blend. The ingredients it uses are sourced from places without toxic exposure, which is good. This generally means they’re in their purest form and that your safety is not compromised. 

What makes it interesting is that Exipure uses ingredients that are not common. These herb and antioxidative extracts that we are about to review today are not in our usual diets. Therefore, it is only natural to supplement them in our bodies.

In this ingredient review, we will talk about their uses according to science and the functions they can bring to the overall objective of Exipure itself.

Exipure Official Website: Click here and go to Exipure official website. 

The eight (8) Exipure ingredients are listed as follows:

  • Perilla
  • Kudzu
  • Holy Basil
  • White Korean Ginseng
  • Amur Cork Bark
  • Propolis
  • Quercetin
  • Oleuropein


On top of supporting our brain function and healthy blood parameters, perilla, or purple perilla in Exipure’s proprietary blend, can put our brown fatty tissues into overdrive. It makes sense, as boosted brown adipose tissue levels can lower cholesterol levels. This can put forward better blood parameters as less strain is put into your blood vessels and heart, not to mention less risk of stroke.


Kudzu’s extract is highly abundant in antioxidants. These substances generally protect and help our cells regenerate by shielding internal and external factors. Some of these factors are dangerous UV rays from our sun and micro-toxins that get into our bloodstream through air pollution. It also has potent anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, its encompassing benefits to the body’s stress levels can boost our metabolism and, ultimately, our brown fatty tissue levels.

Holy Basil

Holy basil, a common herb found in Chinese traditional medicine, can reduce stress and support its overall cognitive function. It also increases the presence of brown fats in your system, making it easy for you to lose weight with Exipure.

White Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is now commonly used as an immunity partner. It has anti-inflammatory effects to help you achieve the perfect response to infections throughout your body. This destressing factor ultimately enables you to increase your overall brown adipose tissue content, leading to better metabolism of fats in general. We won’t discount its antioxidative edge in Exipure as well – a powerful trait for someone who needs less stress to become the person they want to be.

Amur Cork Bark

With better digestion comes better fat intake regulation. The Amur cork bark does precisely that, making it a crucial support ingredient in Exipure’s proprietary blend. It can even stabilize your probiotic population, making it easier for your good gut bacteria to break down everything they can find. With less fat intake, your brown fatty tissue will be happy since you’re not adding burden to it, not to mention your heart and liver too!


The ultimate antioxidative punch in Exipure, propolis, consists of more than 300 antioxidants in its formula. It can also metabolize your sugars and turn them into energy by stimulating properties. But, of course, the brown fatty tissue is out of the question, as it’s part of the whole metabolic process as well.


One can argue that aging might be the worst thing that may happen to someone healthy their whole life. However, with quercetin in Exipure, you can manage to stall that for just a bit. Quercetin is an antioxidant that can make you feel and look younger by protecting your cells from rapid aging. Not only that, but it also supports perfect blood pressure by reducing the cholesterol levels in your body! Why? It’s because quercetin is a nutrient that helps you burn down excess fats and sugars into energy. But, of course, you know what that means – brown adipose tissue stimulation!


We can see why this particular extract is in Exipure’s esteemed nutrient blend, a common substance in olives. Since it’s olives that we’re talking about, expect better cardiovascular health. In addition, blood pressure and excessive cholesterol will become non-existent through continuous supplementation of this ingredient. Not only that, but additional sources state that oleuropein can help increase the potency of brown fats within your body!

Background of Exipure

Having been briefed on what Exipure is all about, we will now check its background and see if it is credible and reliable enough to become our daily weight-loss dietary supplement partner.

Who made Exipure?

Exipure was made by Dr. James Wilkins, Dr. Lam, and Jack Barrett. To put things into context, Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Lam were both friends of Jack Barrett. They are doctors studying our body’s tendency to exceed the standard weight limit. Long story short, they observed that people are eating so much yet not gaining weight. So they looked for the answer and found that the brown adipose tissue of their bodies is much higher in concentrations than those who are obese in today’s health standards.

Exipure was then perceived as the blend that can stimulate the production and productivity of our brown adipose tissue. Brown fats are directly related to our calorie-burning capabilities, making sense. Thus, together with Jack Barrett as their “endorser,” the two doctors created this supplement that we know of as Exipure today.

Where is Exipure manufactured?

Exipure is made in a Good Manufacturing Practice facility in the USA. This denotes pristine quality and sanitation for all bottles that come out of the facility’s production line. The place of manufacture is also an FDA-registered facility. You can also be assured that they adhere to strict protocols regarding how the capsules and blend are made before being shipped out to ordinary folk like you and me.

What is the purpose of Exipure?

The purpose of Exipure is to increase your brown adipose tissue (brown fats) levels so that your weight will decrease. Studies show that when brown adipose tissue increases, your white adipose tissue decreases. This is primarily because brown fatty tissue was once white fatty tissue delegated by your body to burn into energy.

The other, more obscure purpose of Exipure is to provide more antioxidants into your body. This helps with the destressing of your body while helping it recover from the negative influences that have plagued it since your life on this earth began. On the plus side, it makes you look younger and glowing than usual – a sure confidence boost for the day ahead.

What are the Perks of Exipure?

Exipure’s proprietary formula has a lot of specific benefits that can act as a perk for your everyday life. In summary, this is what this supplement is supposed to add to your daily overall nutritional content. These are perks and benefits that should help you get through your day.

We will analyze and define each benefit/perk discussed in today’s exposition for added details.

Exipure’s complete list of benefits are as follows below:

  • Increased stimulation of your brown adipose tissue
  • Increased energy levels
  • Massive yet healthy decrease in weight loss
  • Solid amounts of antioxidants can make you look younger
  • Better digestion can expel excess fats before they get absorbed into your bloodstream
  • Increases thinking power strengthens neural connections
  • Lesser amounts of visceral (organ) fat lengthen your life expectancy.
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Exipure Official Website: Click here and go to Exipure official website. 

Increased stimulation of your brown adipose tissue

Exipure’s top-quality use is to stimulate and help your brown adipose tissue burn more fat content for energy consumption. In doing so, your heavy white fatty tissue will thin out, and you will be able to get back to your average weight and size.

Increased energy levels

Your energy levels will skyrocket to new heights with the burning of fats. You will have boundless energy without the feeling of crashing anytime soon. This is a great perk to have because it generally gives you the ability to do more things at once.

Massive yet healthy decrease in weight loss

Exipure can help you lose healthy amounts of weight. The adequately defined quantity of healthy weight loss stands at around 2 to 4 lbs. of weight per week. While this number seems low, this is drastically higher when compounded altogether. Imagine having about 16 lbs. of weight loss per month. That is drastic yet healthy.

Solid amounts of antioxidants can make you look younger

Antioxidative effects from propolis, quercetin, and other ingredients can help give you protective and regenerative benefits that keep your cells young. 

Better digestion can expel excess fats before they get absorbed into your bloodstream.

What’s better than stopping your excess fats from getting inside while they’re still in your small intestine? By regulating fat content in your gut, you are met with a helpful perk that can ultimately leave your brown adipose tissue effectivity to full speed.

Increases thinking power strengthens neural connections.

Antioxidants can also help link your damaged synapses or nerve bridges. This can, in turn, make your memory sharper, reflexes faster, and cognitive skills much on par with your teenage years.

Lesser amounts of visceral (organ) fat lengthen your life expectancy.

Did you know that excessive amounts of white fat can lead to lower life expectancy? In addition, it can clog your liver and heart and eventually increase the chances of stroke. With Exipure’s increased brown fatty tissue stimulation, you can burn visceral fat into energy.

What are the Downsides of Exipure?

Exipure technically does not have any downside. These “side effects,” as they are called, are almost non-existent with organic supplements such as this. This natural blend, however, does come with some unintended downsides.

First, it contains bee products. This means that this supplement is not suitable for those with bee allergies. Luckily, only 5% of the entire world population is allergic to bees.

Next up, another downside can present itself in the form of overdose. We haven’t tackled the recommended dosage yet, but the general dose is set at one capsule per day. Do not take two or more pills of Exipure a day so that you won’t feel nauseous or dizzy throughout the day. Why does this happen? Too much energy can overload your brain. Your stomach might also feel off if it’s bombarded with too many new ingredients.

What is the price of Exipure?

Exipure is priced at $59 for each bottle. This is relatively cheaper than most brands of weight loss supplements. On average, this supplement is $10 cheaper than others. What makes this supplement more interesting is that you can buy it at a much, much lower price if you buy it in three and six pieces!

To further detail this discount, you can refer to this shortlist below:

  • 1 Bottle of Exipure (30 Day Supply) – $59 per bottle
  • 3 Bottles of Exipure (90 Day Supply) – $49 per bottle, Total of $147
  • 6 Bottles of Exipure (180 Day Supply) – $39 per bottle, Total of $234
Where To Buy Exipure Pills At Best Discounts And Deals

Unfortunately, there’s nothing in between. Still, this is a great offer, since having a $120 worth of discount is of great advantage to anyone who wants to use this for the long-term. Of course, you can also distribute this to your friends at a lesser price if you’re that sharing person. However, don’t fret for long, as this discount is said to be a limited-time offer only.

Some bonuses come with every purchase in three and six bottles. These bonuses are great partners with your Exipure supplement to make sure that you lower your weight to its optimal levels.

Exipure’s bonuses with every three and six-bottle purchase are:

  • 1-Day Kickstart Detox
  • Renew You

1-Day Kickstart Detox

This book has detoxifying tea recipes that can help you get rid of more toxins. This gives your antioxidants more breathing space, making their effectiveness much better in the long run. This is an excellent supplement to your supplement. This book is usually sold at $59.95, but you can technically get it for free as a bonus for Exipure bulk purchases.

Renew You

Next up is Renew You. This book program can help you destress and achieve a calmer mind. It can even reduce anxiety. In addition, with less stress in your system than usual, you can increase the potency of your brown adipose tissue since it’s not distracted in stabilizing your hormones.

This supplement is only available on their official website.

Legitimacy of Exipure

Exipure is legitimate in this sense. The science of the product holds up. The orders get to where they should go. The production of this supplement is done in a trusted facility in the United States of America. The formula is also safe and all-natural. There have been no known adverse interactions through its use besides the present bee allergies. All in all, this product is legitimate through and through.

Who is Exipure for?

Exipure is for people who are overweight and obese. It is also for people who want to lower their body mass index. You can also have this if you take proactive measures for yourself. This supplement works better if you don’t have a problem with weight yet, so the earlier, the better.

This supplement was sampled with around 2,000 individuals ages 31 to 85 years old during its early production ears. Over time, it was found that Exipure had a 96% effectivity rate. They also had four to nine times the amount of brown adipose tissue in their bodies, signifying burning fat more than usual.

In summary, Exipure is for everyone conscious about their daily weight management and nutritional supplementation. It aims to give you good health that people usually take for granted. 

What does Exipure aim to do?

Exipure aims to increase the amount of brown adipose tissue in your body. This, in turn, decreases your white fatty tissue. While that is happening, this product also wants to supplement the missing amounts of energy you potentially lose throughout the day.

This supplement also aims to give you additional benefits. Things such as cardiovascular and digestive health come into mind. With an increased amount of burned fats, cholesterol levels will go down. Digestion is given importance because this is where our fats get processed first. By creating opportunities in both fields, fat metabolization can happen without distraction. This is a crucial objective to achieve because this considerably speeds up weight loss at healthy levels.

What does Exipure do to our body?

Exipure creates opportunities for our bodies to burn off more energy from its brown fatty tissue deposits. It does this by stimulating BAT production, which means that it pulls resources from the fat white cells, lowering our effective weight and body mass index in the process.

This benefit makes us more active, faster, stronger, and less timid when it comes to the things we do daily. In addition, since we’re also lower in weight and white fat, we don’t have to worry about having too much cholesterol or visceral fats inside our bodies. This is a good thing since that practically means we’re healthy and live longer than expected.

It also gives us a younger-looking physical appearance since it’s chock full of antioxidants. The formula itself is tailored to also deal with the supporting elements. Since stress is attributed to weight gains and increased levels of fat storage, we can see how antioxidants can help in that matter by reducing the pressure inside our bodies.

Exipure makes us slimmer and keeps our weight more manageable. With this formula, you can ensure that you’re stocked with the proper nutrients while doing your line of work.

How does Exipure work?

Exipure works by relying on studies that have something to do with the stimulation of brown adipose tissue. The creators then did to blend all these nutrients to create a formula that can increase the levels of BAT in our system, effectively reducing our white fats to normal and negligible levels.

One such nutrient is luteolin, which is found in several ingredients in Exipure. Luteolin can help initialize thermogenesis, which is the process by which our body heats up to burn more energy. In context, when our brown adipose tissue burns to produce energy, it needs to heat up first. Knowing that step, we can conclude that luteolin can also reduce the white adipose tissue, making us heavy and unhealthy. This is because brown fat is created from white fat, which turns into the energy that our body needs.

How do we take Exipure?

You can only take Exipure at least once per day. One capsule is enough to give you everything you need throughout your busy day. However, going above that recommendation can expose you to mild headaches and feelings of vomiting.

As for the time of day, we implore that you take Exipure with your breakfast time. The formula can give you excessive energy, making you an insomniac if you take it during the afternoon or evening.

It is also best to take Exipure with a regular, balanced diet and proper exercise. This will put your body in good shape and help you achieve healthy weight loss at a much faster pace.

What are the expected results with Exipure?

You should lose around 2 to 4 pounds per week when taking this supplement regularly. This is considered a healthy amount of weight loss that can prevent your body from going into shock. However, you may lose more weight than just that if your body accepts the nutrients in higher regard.

Comparisons with Other Brands and Exipure

Exipure presents a different approach to other weight loss supplements around. Several brands such as PhenQ, LeanBelly 3X, and Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic focus on different systems. However, this supplement is better because it presents a healthier and gentler alternative to weight loss.

How long does it take for Exipure to work?

Exipure takes around three months to work fully. However, if you wish to have yourself protected from weight gains shortly, it is best if you take it in six months or more. This is probably one of the reasons why the six-bottle bundle is at a massive discount at the time being.

What if Exipure doesn’t work?

Then you might be part of the 4%. There are different factors, such as allergies or resistance. Exipure is made to work for everyone, but due to a person’s tolerance to other kinds of substances, there is a minority that cannot feel the effects of this supplement.

To offset that risk, we are given a 180-day money-back guarantee by the creators so that you can refund your payment if it doesn’t work for you within six months of your date of purchase.

What is the impact of Exipure on customers?

Exipure customer reviews tell us one thing – it made them all lighter. As a result, people lost healthy amounts of weight as well. This is great because it gives us accurate results. They also reported lessened stress levels, which is a game-changer given that this is a weight management supplement. Consumers who do the positive reviews with this product focus on two things – negation of complications of obesity and additional confidence on their part.

Does Exipure have negative reviews?

Unfortunately, Exipure has negative reviews on the table. Around 10% of their users blur out negative comments about the product. These concerns range from “it’s not working” to “it’s a scam.” After careful deliberation of their musings, we found that something happened along the way. They didn’t take the supplement for more than one month. To clarify, this is an all-natural supplement that works gradually on our body. It is not a formula that creates miracles. Therefore, you must give it three months to work in your body.

Next up, we will discuss scams. This supplement can only be bought from the official website. Therefore, it is not available in other avenues of sale. Some people bought fake copies of the product from Amazon and got duped. Only transact with the official distributors to prevent such things from happening!


Exipure is your everyday weight management supplement, but with a brown fatty tissue twist. It can help you lose weight, give you energy, and improve your mood in the long term. It might not create massive results that you may hope for, but it does give you healthy amounts of weight loss, and that in itself is a good thing. Take this supplement if you wish to have a life-changing approach in life!

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to cure, heal, or mitigate any kind of complication, illness, or disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not yet tackled the statements in this review. Therefore, kindly consult a doctor before taking this product.


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