Exipure Reviews: Tropical Secret for Weight Loss or Scam? (2022) Update

Exipure is a supplement that encourages decreasing internal fat by promoting the body’s drive to metabolize these fats into energy. According to its creators, made up of eight ingredients, this revolutionary “tropical secret” contains the necessary supporting benefits you need to make your weight loss dreams real in the following days and months.

It is a support-type weight management supplement that promotes healthy and natural weight loss. In addition, this is a supplement made with organic ingredients in mind so that it would retain the much-needed strength to counteract your slow metabolism.


Exipure is advertised as the “tropical secret” to weight loss, making it also appealing to the public as there’s this connotation that tropical plants are made to remedy some of life’s small yet impacting problems, such as unexplained weight gain. Created last 2021, Exipure has undoubtedly got full public attention following the alleged truthful testimonies of people on the internet. The exposition that we need to make now is, is it beneficial?

Does it work? We will dive into the intricacies of this supplement to see how it works. From there, we can surmise if this supplement is legitimate or simply a hoax.

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What is Exipure?

Exipure works on the premise that it’s designed to stimulate your brown adipose tissue into burning more fat, making it easy for you to lose weight. There are two types of fat. These are the brown adipose tissue and the white adipose tissue.

We can shorten it to white fat and brown fat. The brown portion of our fat is responsible for energy metabolism. It is the part of the fat that turns into energy. Once the brown adipose tissue thins out, it will seek your white fat, converting it into the brown variant and turning it into energy.

 What is Exipure?

As you may have guessed, once the white fat is reduced and converted into brown fat, you will lose weight. Even though it might have that kind of edge, Exipure is still a dietary supplement, and therefore it isn’t a stopgap measure to have less weight.

In reality, this is only a supporting daily habit to ensure you get the proper nutrients on top of your modern lifestyle.

However, we are not saying that this is a scam. Exipure is made with case studies and journals from the Frontiers in Pharmacology International Journal of Obesity, National Center for Biotechnology Information, and The Lancet Planetary Health. 

Well then, what does this Exipure supplement contain? First, we will check out its proprietary formula to see if studies from the abovementioned sources back them.

Exipure, What are its Ingredients?

Exipure is a fully organic supplement that wouldn’t be possible without the eight ingredients listed below. They are sourced from the purest sources, with no trace of toxins and harmful chemicals that further harm our bodies.

We will put these ingredients into detail and link the corresponding proof of research that will be our basis for double-checking if it’s an effective supplement or not.

The Exipure supplement focuses on burning brown adipose tissue and other supporting factors. Therefore, this ingredient review will repeatedly mention the brown adipose tissue.

The Eight (8) Exipure Ingredients found in its Proprietary Formula are:

  • Perilla
  • Kudzu
  • Holy Basil 
  • White Korean Ginseng
  • Amur Cork Bark
  • Propolis
  • Quercetin
  • Oleuropein
exipure Ingredients


According to research, perilla leaves can help prevent weight gains even if you’re taking in a high-fat diet. The particular type of perilla used in this supplement is called the purple perilla. This component of Exipure suggests that perilla can enable you to continue eating the food you want without much of a repercussion. However, do not overdo it as it can only counteract this much, and you may still gain weight if you’re eating voraciously.


The extract of the kudzu flower is in Exipure because it can help burn brown adipose tissue. A Chinese study found that even individuals’ body mass index following kudzu supplementation attests to this. To provide clarification, the body mass index of a person is a parameter where we can gauge if they’re healthy or not. Kudzu is also known to lower the presence of sugars in your blood.

Holy Basil

The holy basil is known to increase brown fat and skeletal muscle mass. It does this by putting an abundance of an organic compound called ursolic acid into the mix. An increase in muscle mass is beneficial for this all-natural blend because when fats are metabolized, muscles are most of the time caught in the crossfire.

We cannot let this happen.This can mean two things – one, your energy levels will skyrocket, and two, your overall integrity when it comes to walking will be buffed.

However, the skeletal muscle mass increase that holy basil does will only work with some people, so there’s no guarantee it will be the case. Still, Exipure rolls out holy basil as pretty much a support ingredient to both perilla and kudzu.

White Korean Ginseng

White Korean ginseng has been known to thermogenesis process, speeding up the burning of fats rapidly. A study also tells us that it increases the rate at which white fat is reduced. Furthermore, a helpful perk that white Korean ginseng has in this blend is that it can calm your stomach’s probiotic microbiome, giving you better digestion on top of the weight-reducing benefits that we have mentioned above.

Amur Cork Bark

Even though the front ingredient is the Amur cork bark, we are dealing with berberine, which is an ingredient that is found in most supplements worldwide. Berberine is known to have anti-inflammatory effects that can speed up your metabolism and strengthen your immune system. But, of course, it wouldn’t be in Exipure if it did not benefit brown fat thermogenesis.


Propolis can fix the way you digest food. This may sound irrelevant to Exipure, but this perk can help prevent excess fat absorption due to the slow digestion process. Therefore, it speeds it up to the optimal level, making it easy for you to manage your weight from the inside.


Quercetin, or quercetin dihydrate, can bring about tremendous energy and results by stimulating white and brown fat burning. By regulating the enzymes responsible for locking in all those fats, our brown fatty tissue will be burning more for the sake of energy.


Oleuropein has many benefits. It is a substance found in olive products, making it doubly healthy. However, these benefits are only a bonus to its primary function in Exipure. It is known to uncouple some proteins from the fat itself.

This means one thing – your white fat will be converted faster into brown fat, while your brown fat can go on a spree when it comes to burning all those excess weights in the long run. One more thing about oleuropein is that it can help control your appetite, which is undoubtedly valuable as well.

Exipure, Formula Summary, and Benefits

As mentioned before, Exipure is merely a support supplement with various valuable things that we can use in our daily lives. Today’s world is a society of artificial substances. It is for this reason that we are gaining weight.

We are not burning too much energy or calories by sitting too much. We now have cars, public transportation, and the likes to get us to our destination without the effort of walking long distances. Make that worse through the convenient, fast-food deals that plague today’s world.Indeed, this is where Exipure comes in.

The ingredients, or the proprietary formula above, will give your body the things you need to stimulate the burning of your fats. Arguably, we aren’t getting the proper nutrients into our bodies because we don’t eat balanced meals regularly.

This product supplements all your lost nutrients for you.To make it easy for you to understand, we list all the benefits you can attain from this product on consistent and correct use. There’s just a catch since this is a dietary supplement, some of these benefits may not work for you. It all depends on the bioavailability threshold of your body or the parameter at which it absorbs natural nutrients daily. Exipure benefits include:

  • Weight gain prevention, even if eating high-fat diets
  • White adipose tissue reduction (eventually getting converted to brown fat and energy)
  • Brown adipose tissue stimulation
  • Increased levels of thermogenesis (which helps in burning down fats)
  • Easier digestion (to expel excess fats in our diet)
  • A better anti-inflammatory edge (can make your immune system stronger and fat burning faster)
  • Lowered blood sugar (to not turn into excess fats)
  • Skeletal muscle increase (might not work for everybody, though)
  • An abundance of antioxidants (leading to sharper memory, younger looks, and more)

As we can see from the summary of Exipure benefits, we can pinpoint that this supplement can bring about excellent results. It can help our lives on paper.

However, living in a reality where not everything is dictated by piece, this supplement may negatively affect people like you and me. This is especially true if we’re too exposed to the unhealthy way of living.

Still, having those kinds of benefits with Exipure can increase your chances of having a better quality of life. The trick here is to take it constantly for three to six months. I am therefore advising that you will need patience for this to take effect.

Exipure Side Effects

Exipure does not have any adverse side effects if taken at the right recommended dosages.

However, there will be mild side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and headaches if you take it too much. This is because Exipure has ingredients that can supercharge your energy production, and an overdosage will lead to more energy circulating through our bodies.

Eventually, this can lead to higher blood pressure, which happens to be one of the root causes of headaches.

Exipure, Who’s the Target Audience of this Product?

Exipure is primarily catered towards those who are experiencing overweight and obesity. It is also for people who want to be proactive, seeking to complete their nutritional requirements without ruining the fast pacing of their lives.

Finally, this supplement is for those who wish to have more energy and ensure they won’t have increased weight gains. Speaking, Exipure is for everyone except minors. That’s because the formula is not suitable for anyone ages 17 and above. If you are a nursing mother or pregnant, it is wise to talk with your trusted doctor first before making any advances.

This supplement does not have any form of known side effects, so it’s safe to take as well. But, again, this is due to the all-natural blend that the product has.

How does Exipure Work?

Exipure works by stimulating how your brown adipose tissue or brown fat works. We have mentioned that brown fat is the focus of Exipure, but it does it to ensure it will work.

Then again, the supplement might still not work because the minority may have too much tolerance against natural substances.

Therefore, Exipure is only a support supplement, able to make your life just a little bit bearable. If you’re sitting too much in the office or have unexplained weight gains, this might be the supplement for you. Its benefits range from better digestion to anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects.

This means that this supplement is also a jack-of-all-trades type of supplement, able to remove some of our lifestyle’s negative influences. To further explain how Exipure works, here’s the process in an ordered list and form:

  1. It will ease your digestion first by adjusting it to the proper pacing.
  2. The antioxidants will begin to collect in your body, reducing internal stress.
  3. The brown fats in our bodies become stimulated by the influx of healthy and proper substances.
  4. Your white adipose tissue stores will follow as the brown fat is reduced.
  5. Your visceral fat levels, the fat surrounding your internal organs, start decreasing.

From then on, you will have a better quality of life. This process shows how Exipure still needs to go through it to work on you. Again, it is a supplement that deals with many things, so don’t expect it to have too many results quickly.

As repeatedly stated above, consistency is the key to making this product work, and by that, I mean three to six months of constant use, depending on how your body takes the supplement.


Exipure Recommended Dosage

Exipure is recommended to be taken once a day. First, take it during breakfast to ensure that your newfound energy isn’t wasted. Then, to release its full potential, take it with a full glass of water to ease up the capsule’s digestion in your stomach.

Going above the Exipure recommended dosage may expose you to side effects, so it’s best not to go above the one capsule per day rule. These side effects that we are talking about are only mild, such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, etc.

However, you wouldn’t risk ruining your whole day given a chance, right?

Take this supplement at the proper dosage, and you should be fine. 

Where is Exipure Manufactured?

Exipure is a supplement that came from the United States of America. Like most other supplements from that country, this product was made in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility. This means that you are assured of the best production practices that will negate the presence of toxins and other harmful substances in the capsule inside.

For this reason, everybody is encouraged to buy from their official website. Buying from elsewhere can expose you to fake and artificial substances that aren’t supposed to be inside the capsule.

Further analysis dictates that Exipure is made in an FDA-registered production facility. This is a sure win for those who wish to check its quality first before anything else.

As with its unique manufacturing practices, it has been found that Exipure’s ingredients were sourced from locally controlled environments. This means there’s almost no chance of bringing contaminants into the supplement since it’s quality-assured from the source.

How much does Exipure cost?

Each bottle of Exipure costs only $59. In comparison, this is a bit cheaper than regular weight loss supplements on its tier. However, most dietary supplements put their price at $69 per bottle, so we can see that this product has the edge over others on that part.

Exipure Cost

Like most supplements, Exipure also has extravagant discounts, which they can employ if you buy in bulk. However, this only works for the 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages.

  • 3-bottle package – $147 (only $49 per bottle)
  • 6-bottle package – $234 (only $39 per bottle!)

The best course of action, if you are going to take this supplement seriously, would be to buy the 6-bottle package. Not only will you save a total of $120, but you will be able to use the blend to full weight-reducing effects in general. Moreover, Exipure has a 180-day 100% money-back guarantee.

To avail of their money-back guarantee, simply call or contact them at [email protected] or 1-888-865-0815.

According to their customer service, you will get your money within 48 hours of the refund request. By buying Exipure’s 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages, you can have free book bonuses such as the 1-Day Kickstart Detox and Renew You. They cost around $50 and $60 separately, but they’re giving it out for free if you buy Exipure’s bulk orders.

These are study materials to help you live and eat healthier. In addition, they contain useful recipes that you can create at home to go with the dietary supplement pills that you are taking right now. You can only buy Exipure from their official website.

Buying from other sources is highly risky and may put your life in danger. This is because some fraudulent tricksters will happily exploit you for your money by putting in artificial substances that are not supposed to be there. Worse, your capsule’s contents might have powder instead of the real deal. Beware.

If you’re asking, yes, buying Exipure is a one-time shot. It’s only a one-time payment that does not put you in any kind of subscription whatsoever. Don’t worry about hitting the order button on their official website. They won’t bug you about additional payments, other than the shipping fee, which should be waived if you bought the 6-bottle package.

Is Exipure Legitimate?

Yes! Exipure is highly legitimate. It’s not a scam simply because it has delivered all bottles to their respective location.

In addition, there has been no evidence of fraudulent transactions on their official website. So you do get what you buy. Just a heads up, though, it might take more time than usual to ship.

Furthermore, the production of this supplement is of great quality because it was well thought out. The quality of the ingredients is there. The sanitation of the facilities is there, and most importantly, the potency of the blend is there. Exipure got all right, so we can expect a great supplement that can deliver great results.


There’s just a catch – Exipure is still a dietary supplement. So there is a marginal chance that it might not work with you. There are a lot of factors, but it’s important if we keep our heads above and rely on existing data to boot. 

Dietary supplements have a small chance of around 1 to 2% not working for you. This data is different from people who took this supplement for only one month. No, there’s a difference. Taking the supplement for a month does not garner reliable data or results. We are looking at people who took the supplement for three to six months, which is the recommended time at which you’re supposed to take Exipure.

Why does this happen? It is because our bodies may have already got used to the toxic and harsh environment that we’re living in it. That’s why it has some resistance in absorbing these nutrients. In addition, Exipure is made with highly organic ingredients, and when you counter it with its opposite substances, you might find your body resisting the adjustment phase.

This is the reason why Exipure has a 180-day money-back guarantee. The creators are aware of this and are ready to help you. If it doesn’t work for you within six months, simply file for a refund, and you’re good.

These factors only prove how legitimate this product is. They’re willing to sacrifice their earnings if their product doesn’t work. It’s a show of pure craftsmanship that goes beyond what is expected of this weight-loss dietary supplement when coupled with the credibility in the logistics and production stage.

Exipure, Real Customer Reviews

Most Exipure customer reviews are optimistic regarding the weight-reducing and other benefits listed above. In addition, people from all walks and ages, including seniors, have found that this supplement makes them feel better as they took it for weeks and months.

Many people doubt its legitimacy, but those are men and women who haven’t tried out the product yet. The product is good from the research standpoint, but it is understandable if they are full of speculation. For one, Exipure is not exactly a type of medication.

It’s a dietary supplement. In this world, experience is king. It has been common knowledge that things like this don’t work. However, there’s a thin line to that: you need to take the supplement at a rather more sophisticated and lengthier time.

Meanwhile, the negative customer reviews that Exipure had mainly were people who only took one supplement bottle. Yes, the price is lower for a single bottle, but people who didn’t research the product just stopped halfway. Consistency is always the key to this supporting dietary supplement.

Exipure is currently rated at 5 out of 5 stars in Trustpilot, as hundreds of customer reviews tell. 

Why Should You Buy Exipure?

Buying supplements is not such an easy task. This is because we are beings of reason and emotion. However, we are also beings of logic. Exipure is a dietary supplement that is backed by science. All the studies shown above concluded how the individual ingredients in this supplement would work with one another. In some way, they are synergistic in their properties.

However, this supplement is leaning towards a jack-of-all-trades inclination, with the brown fat tissue stimulation relatively done by only half the blend.


Exipure costs are lower than usual with other weight management dietary supplements on the market. This is great because you will buy this supplement at a lower price. In particular, whereas most supplements have the $69 price tag for their single bottles, this supplement only sells each bottle at $59. Of course, buying more of the supplement is seen as something that can save you more money, but I don’t expect you to commit to that without skepticism.

Indeed, skepticism is the primary driving force at which we choose whether we’re buying the dietary supplement or not. As of this current moment, there have been no reports of side effects on the side of the product, which only solidifies its effects.

The main reason you’re buying Exipure is that you want to lose weight or stabilize your internal metabolism mechanism. These are both excellent reasons to start the program. However, please keep in mind that you need to take it for three to six months, depending on its initial effects on you. This means a constant dosage of one capsule a day.

Exipure in a Nutshell

Exipure is a supplement that works on paper. However, it needs to have time for it to work. So the best thing to do is take this product for six months. The 180-day money-back guarantee helps people decide to get the 6-bottle package, so there’s that.The capsules themselves are easy-to-swallow and can be taken once per day. They’re not addictive, so you shouldn’t worry about taking them every day. Synthetic supplements and medication tend to be addictive, so there’s one less problem for you to worry about.

Exipure is a tropical blend of eight (8) all-natural ingredients helpful in stimulating both your brown adipose tissue and healthy living in general. It eases up your digestion, provides you with antioxidants to feel better and younger, and reduces your white fat content. Soon enough, you should have the results that you want!

Exipure is a dietary support supplement. In the world of dietary supplements, there is an even deeper category that dictates just how useful their product is. There are mainline dietary supplements and supporting ones. The support dietary supplements usually get the job done, but they’re best when partnered with proper diet, exercise, and/or other supplements on the market! Just make sure you check on their compatibility with your doctor first. What then can you expect from Exipure? An all-out, gradual punch that creates growth opportunities.

It gives you the nutrients that you’re missing out on because of junk food and can reliably make you a better person every day. So take it when you feel plus-sized or down. The possibilities are endless!

Our Verdict on Exipure

Exipure is a supplement that exceeds expectations. Even though it does not have hard-hitting effects on our metabolism early, it works when taken in a lengthy manner. Therefore, this supplement is recommendable for patients and persistent weight loss goals!


Disclaimer: This review is not solid medical advice and is made only from the author’s point of view. This supplement is not a medical solution that you can use for weight loss. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should still seek medical advice from licensed healthcare professionals. This product is also not yet evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and as such, caution is advised. This ia a sponsored article. The article should not be considered as advice.

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