Exipure Reviews – Shocking Is Exipure Banned in the US and CA?

Exipure is a dietary supplement under the category of weight loss and management. Its blend comprises eight all-natural ingredients that can stimulate how your body processes its fat content. In general, this supplement manages how your fats act inside the body. I know what you’re thinking. That’s bizarre. Why would a supplement turn fat into another type of fat? Well, it’s simple – brown fats are the healthy kind of fat that turns into energy in almost an instant. You may have guessed that white fat is the wrong type of fat. In this Exipure review, we will see one of the good guys out there.


Moving on, we usually eat outside, yes? When on the go, we eat at fast-food chains. What does fast food have? High-fat diets. Since we are constantly eating unhealthy food such as those, the fats are continuously stored inside our bodies. However, some people won’t get fat. Dig this. Research has found that people with high levels of brown adipose tissue, or brown fat, are less prone to this “storing” phenomenon.

This is what Exipure’s built for. It tries to answer the obesity pandemic by giving you the nutrients you need to increase that brown fat content inside your body. So how do they do it? With science!

However, let’s put a quick pause first. Is this supplement worth your time? Does it work? We have been hearing reports about it, so we decided to look at the product itself. Let’s review it from the inside out and see if it’s a legitimate weight loss supplement or not!

What is Exipure?

Exipure is a weight management dietary supplement that promotes the reduction of white fatty tissue by stimulating its conversion to a brown fatty one. Exipure’s primary goal is to turn your white fat into brown fat. Its goal is also to regulate the fats coming in from your gut. This means that this supplement has all the bases covered to make sure you experience steady and healthy levels of weight loss.

Exipure contains 30 capsules for each of its bottles. Considering that you only need to take one capsule per day to achieve excellent results, we can see how it’s highly convenient for someone who has a full workload or schedule. Its tablets are also easy to swallow, thanks to their vegetable composition.

Speaking of which, Exipure is highly vegetarian-friendly! It also does not contain any amount of GMO or preservatives. It’s as natural as it can get. This means one thing – it doesn’t have any side effects!

Exipure Review Exipure Weight Loss Supplement Reviewed By Experts

To give you a backgrounder, this is an American supplement. This means that the quality of this product is top-notch, and it’s relatively safe to take whenever and wherever you are. Reports about Exipure state that it’s an excellent supplement to have. However, their negative reviews exist about the product. To give you a hint, Exipure needs time, effort, and consistency for it to work. Not doing so will lead to failure.

That’s pretty much a short backgrounder of Exipure. However, there are still many things to discuss, so let’s see how this product works first to understand the full scope fully!

How does Exipure work?

Exipure works by providing our body with the proper nutrients to stimulate white and brown adipose tissue burning.

One such nutrient is luteolin. These are substances that are commonly found in herbs. In context, they are antioxidative agents that can help protect and stimulate the regeneration of the cells inside our bodies. However, research has found that luteolin can help our body achieve thermogenesis when taken in dietary form. To make things simpler, it means that having luteolin in our bodies can make them warmer. With warmth comes the speedier burning of fats for the sake of energy. This is done by activating an “AMPK mechanism” found in our body’s fat stores.

That’s only an example. In general, Exipure’s primary objective is to turn our white fat into brown fat. White fat, also known as the white adipose tissue, is the primary source of our excess weight. This type of fat chokes our organs, leading to heavy strain and eventual complications later in life. However, if we turn them into brown fat, your weight will steadily decrease without a problem. For context, brown adipose tissue is the type of fat that burns at a much more rapid pace. This is the fat that’s put forward to become energy. So, it is clear white fat must turn into brown fat – a perk that Exipure aims to do.

The process stimulates the brown fat to burn itself for energy through a natural bodily process called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis happens when our body warms itself up to the right temperature, exciting the cells and burning fats for fuel. Afterward, think of what happens to fat when it’s cooked – it turns brown, right? That’s what we call browning. Your white fat turns into brown fat, and the cycle interlays with one another.

The result is a never-ending process in which fat is burned to lessen our weight gains. It makes sense, as it has been pointed out multiple times that an excess of white fat is driving the increase in our weight measurements.

Exipure does its job by carefully blending eight (8) all-natural ingredients with sufficient direct and supporting properties in stabilizing weight loss. Of course, these are all backed up by science, but we will check out the facts later. What’s important is that we have the gist of how Exipure works to decrease weight inside our bodies.

Of course, since the supplement is burning fats full time, you can expect an exponential increase in terms of energy levels. This is normal since energy comes from fats, sugars, and proteins burned inside our bodies. What’s interesting, though, is that the creators of Exipure thought about this. They put the ingredient “holy basil” into the mix. Essentially, this meant that it has the suitable properties to prevent burning protein and muscle mass from producing energy. This makes this supplement well thought out right from the start!

What are the ingredients of Exipure?

Exipure’s full line-up of eight all-natural ingredients is nothing to be scoffed off. It’s a full powerhouse of beneficial ingredients that can give you the advantages that you need to speed up your weight loss routine. Furthermore, they are sourced from the most toxin-free places around the world. Therefore, you can be assured of their innate quality.

In this fully-detailed review of each ingredient in Exipure, we are set to find out how they can help achieve the goals of this supplement through extensive research and case studies. In addition, a complete explanatory note for each ingredient will also be included so that you can be efficiently guided through the inner workings of Exipure in general.

The proprietary blend of Exipure primarily consists of primary and supporting elements. However, research dictates that they all point out one objective – burning down excessive white fatty tissue to turn them into brown adipose ones. When that happens, your weight should consistently go down since brown adipose tissue is meant to be turned into energy.

Therefore, two things are needed to make the Exipure supplement work – proper, balanced diets and a good exercise routine. Walking a considerable distance is already considered one of the best things you can do to ensure thermogenesis is happening throughout your body.

Exipure’s ingredients are listed below.

  • Purple Perilla
  • Propolis
  • White Korean Ginseng
  • Kudzu
  • Amur Cork Bark
  • Holy Basil
  • Oleuropein
  • Quercetin
Exipure Weight Loss Supplement

Purple Perilla

Exipure’s primary ingredient, purple perilla, can burn more fat by lowering the amount of fatty tissue inside our bodies. This could imply several things, such as the speedy reduction and the mitigation of weight gains when faced with a fat-rich diet. So speaking, this flower can deal with and prevent weight problems. This makes it an excellent ingredient to partake in this supplement, as having an advantage in both these fields is crucial in creating opportunities for overweight people worldwide. How does it do it? Because of the heavy presence of polyphenols in the said plant. Polyphenols are compounds that can help stabilize our body in cardiovascular and metabolic areas of concern.


Usually added into food, bee propolis, as it’s called in its long-form, provides highly beneficial health perks to anyone who chooses to supplement them. According to a study done last 2017, propolis, in tandem with honey and royal jelly, all have antioxidative effects that can help destress your body from the inside. However, the specific function of propolis is chiefly preventive. It can help ease your digestion, making it easy for your body to expel excess fats that you happen to eat that day. It can even promote better gynecological health, which means that you’ll probably get better reproductive benefits with propolis as well. Then, there are its regenerative benefits in both our brain cells, wounds, and slowed down aging. What does this have to do with Exipure? It lessens our bodies’ stress so that they can function better in the fat-burning department.

White Korean Ginseng

This particular ingredient is chosen over the more common red Korean ginseng because of its better anti-obesity effects. To expound, it appears that the white Korean ginseng stabilizes the probiotic bacteria found in our small intestine. This leads to better fat breakdown and the prevention of additional toxins from entering our bodies. Not only does it keep us healthy, but it also lowers the intensity of our inflammatory response, helping the body do its job of burning fats and healing itself at a much speedier pace. This metabolic stimulation is the key to why this ingredient is in Exipure.

To further solidify the case, research also points out that white Korean ginseng can help burn down the primary roadblock to our weight loss – white adipose tissue. It does this by increasing our enzyme’s activities, turning our white into brown fat. Therefore, it found itself at home with Exipure’s blend for its stimulating activities in “browning: our excess fats.


Kudzu is very much the herb that is left behind. It’s not focused on and is seen mainly as a weed. However, its flower extract can provide our bodies with the right amount of brown adipose tissue stimulation. According to case studies, the section of the Kudzu flower contains active ingredients that can help our brown fats become more active than usual. This lowers body weight, blood glucose levels, and visceral fat levels. For context, visceral fat is the type of fat that envelops our organs. 

Furthermore, a study indicates that the continuous intake of Kudzu flower extract can lower your body mass index. It does this by reducing the number of fats around your organs.

These pieces of evidence are why Kudzu is in Exipure’s proprietary blend.

Amur Cork Bark

Now, it’s not precisely the Amur Cork Bark stimulating the burning of fats, but it is one of its components called berberine. For sure, many of you have already learned about berberine. It’s almost a staple for dietary supplements worldwide. Berberine can help your probiotic bacteria do their things. Now, probiotics are good bacteria found in our gut. However, their function isn’t strictly stuck to breaking down food in our stomachs. They can influence our hormones as well. This means a wide variety of things. One is that it can stimulate your body into reducing your cholesterol levels for more energy. Thanks to its antioxidative properties, it can even help lessen inflammatory stress inside your body. In general, berberine is one of those essential ingredients in Exipure because of its capacity to create better avenues of digestion. You can expel excess fats in the process.

Further stated in more recent studies, berberine can stimulate our brown adipose tissue by activating thermogenesis and certain enzymes necessary for the process. Therefore, besides its digestive benefits, it can relatively directly affect our weight loss routine.

Holy Basil

The Holy Basil has been a herb that has been used by the Chinese for centuries now. One of its components, called ursolic acid, contains the ability to increase your skeletal muscle mass and brown adipose tissue. This is done by helping our body burn more sugars more efficiently. So, in a way, the Holy Basil can become a catalyst for vast amounts of energy that you can use to burn more fat than usual. It can even stop overweight and obesity complications such as high blood sugar and fatty liver, a valuable trait for something that is with Exipure.


A natural component in olive oil, oleuropein, can increase your brown adipose tissue. It does this by inciting thermogenesis, turning your white fat into brown fat. Research from 2008 shows that consistent intake of oleuropein can lead to lower cholesterol levels, lower amounts of glucose, and lower tendencies of forming white fat in general. Consuming oleuropein daily with Exipure will also regulate your energy levels, helping you get through your day without any form of energy crashes. 


This antioxidant can help your cells’ mitochondria to function better than usual. It has the suitable properties to stimulate energy production while regenerating your cell’s overall integrity. This only means one thing – quercetin can help repair your cells to reduce stress inside your body and speed up its natural rhythm. Being a supporting ingredient in Exipure, this component stimulates more brown fatty tissue burning.

According to a detailed study last 2016, when combined with oleuropein, quercetin undoubtedly decimates white adipose tissue. Moreover, it can even help increase the presence of proteins that can actively exhibit anti-obesity effects to our body.

What is the recommended dosage for Exipure?

Take one capsule of Exipure every day with a full glass of water. It is recommended to pair it with a balanced diet and proper exercise to make things more efficient than usual. By compounding these benefits, you are assured of a faster result in no time.

Exipure is recommended to be taken during breakfast or your first meal of the day. Please do not take this during the afternoon or evening, as it can lead to difficulty sleeping. This is because its main job is to stimulate the burning of more fats, which means more energy production in the long run.

Also, kindly heed our words that you should not take this supplement more than its recommended amount. Taking two or more capsules a day can lead to nausea or imbalances within your body, making the situation far worse. Our goal is a healthy level of weight loss, not drastic health crashes.

Do not take this supplement if you have bee allergies, as it contains propolis, a bee product.

What are the benefits of Exipure?

Judging from the ingredient review we did above, we can say that the benefits of Exipure go farther and more comprehensive than its initial purpose. While it’s meant to burn more fat by stimulating brown adipose tissue production, it can do so much more than just that. 

In particular, the benefits of Exipure are as follows:

  • Higher concentrations of brown adipose tissue
  • Lesser amounts of white fatty tissue
  • Higher levels of energy production and retention
  • Greater antioxidative coverage
  • Better skeletal muscle growth
  • Healthy amounts of weight reduction

Okay, most of the benefits listed above are self-explanatory. But, of course, because this supplement contains the ingredients needed to have higher concentrations of brown adipose tissue, it takes down the white adipose tissue with it. This is the primary benefit that results in proper weight loss.

After burning down most of the fats inside our bodies, our energy skyrockets, making us feel like we’re in our 20’s. We become more energetic, faster, and more robust. This denotes a better mood, which indirectly affects this energy boost.

We also receive a quick antioxidative boost. Exipure contains a whole house of antioxidative properties that protect our cells from inevitable damage. It can even stimulate their repair, making it a significant advantage in our quest to fix our bodies.

When we stimulate energy production, we also accidentally burn down proteins. So we say that holy basil saves the day with this one with great delight. Generally, this supplement prevents the loss of your skeletal muscle, which the body can mistake for brown adipose tissue.

However, the most overlooked benefit is that Exipure helps us healthily lose weight. We won’t sugarcoat this one. Using Exipure will most likely only make you lose 4 lbs. of weight per week. That seems low, right? However, in reality, this is a healthy and realistic statistic. Of course, you can still burn more than that depending on how well your body receives the supplement, but if you’re an average person like me, then that would probably be the results that you’ll get.

Do not be discouraged, though. When compounded, 4 lbs. of weight loss per week can ultimately become 40 lbs. of weight loss within two to three months. All good things start small!

What are the side effects of Exipure?

Exipure does not have any side effects, thanks to its all-natural and organic formula. However, it can have some mild disturbances such as headaches and nausea if you go over the recommended amount of one capsule a day. Furthermore, you can experience an allergic reaction if you’re allergic to bees. 

What’s the simple solution to stop this, then? First, stick to the recommended dosage and do not take this supplement if you’re allergic to bees. 

How does Exipure fair with other weight-loss supplements?

Exipure is somewhat in tight competition with other weight loss supplements on the market right now. For example, there’s Keto Burn, Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic, PhenQ, LeanBean, and such. However, this supplement’s advantage over its counterparts is how it deals with weight gains and reduction. It tackles the brown fatty tissue approach, which others do not.

Sure, they have their gimmicks, but we can’t discount that Exipure is backed up with heavy and copious amounts of research to begin with. Other supplements have contradicting studies, whereas this does not. In the end, choose what you think is best for you by reading reviews such as this.

How much does Exipure cost?

Exipure costs are slightly lesser than your usual dietary supplement and counterpart. It’s only priced at $59 per bottle, making it $10 cheaper than usual. However, the prices even go lower than just that if you buy in three or six-bottle packages. Sadly, there’s no discount if you’re buying in twos, fours, or fives, but at least there’s that in those particular sets of numbers.

Exipure’s detailed price list is listed below:

  • 1 Bottle (30 Day Supply) – $59
  • 3 Bottles (90 Day Supply) – $49 per bottle, a total of $147
  • 6 Bottles (180 Day Supply) – $39 per bottle, a total of $234
Where To Buy Exipure Pills At Best Discounts And Deals

As we can see, the higher you go, the more discounts you get. In general, you can save as much as $120 when buying six bottles of Exipure at once. However, as we mentioned before, it may take a long time for this supplement to work, so it is best if you buy the six-bottle package today. This is also advisable because, according to the creators, stocks are getting lower with each passing second.

Where can you only buy Exipure?

You can only buy Exipure from their official website. This is done to protect consumers like you from fraudulent practices online. Unfortunately, some people will take advantage of others by selling them fake copies of the product. Much worse, the capsules will contain powder in them instead of the real thing (disgusting!). 

Always make sure to buy from the Exipure official website only since they are the sole authorized distributor of the said product.

Exipure Customer Reviews

Exipure is currently rated a 4 out of 5 on Trustpilot. However, most reviews state how this supplement is helping them lose weight even when they’re in their old age now. The positive reviews say how this supplement has benefited their lives for good. It made them fit into their favorite pants again after a long time! The usual reports tell us they lost 50 lbs. in just three months!

However, what I want to focus on are the negative customer reviews. They say that it didn’t work for them after trying out one bottle of Exipure. I just like to point out that this is a dietary supplement that will need consistent intake for it to work. Therefore, it would take around three to six months to work around our body entirely. It takes time when taking these types of supplements, so the negative reviews are slightly invalid in that sense. The point here is you can’t miraculously fix something. There must always be a process.

Exipure is an excellent supplement on paper, so we remind everyone to be patient with this supplement since the research backs it up. Also, try your best to take it with a balanced diet every day. This will ensure that it will work flawlessly for you in the days to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exipure

Where is Exipure made from?

Exipure is made in the United States of America. It is manufactured in a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility somewhere in the country. The location is not disclosed for security and privacy.

Is Exipure legitimate?

Yes, all orders of Exipure seem to have got to their respective locations. There has been no report of failed attempts with refunds, and the company itself has a support email where you can chat.

Is Exipure’s formula safe?

Yes. Exipure has an all-natural, non-artificial blend that can give you more than you wished for. It’s also strictly monitored and tested all the time by a third-party provider.

Does Exipure have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! Exipure has a 180-day money-back guarantee. This is influential for your decision-making since it dictates that you can have a risk-free investment right off the bat.

How long does it take for Exipure to work?

It takes around three to six months for Exipure to work. As a general rule of thumb, take it for six months for maximum effect.

Is buying Exipure a one-time payment only?

Yes, buying Exipure does not expose you to any kind of subscription. It’s a one-time deal.

Will Exipure work for me?

Yes! Exipure will work for you, so long as you take it on a consistent yet proper basis. Then, again, take it for six months, and you should feel the effects of the product at full speed!

Exipure Summary: Pros and Cons

Exipure Pros are:

  • Convenient and easy to take
  • Can give you the nutrients you need to initiate weight loss
  • It can help you feel younger and more energetic again
  • Can counter your modern and unhealthy way of life
  • Contains an all-natural blend that does not give you any side effect

Exipure Cons are:

  • Has a bee product, so people with bee allergies cannot take it

Exipure Verdict and Conclusion

Exipure is a supplement that goes all out for such a tiny capsule at hand. It’s a compelling product that can boost your brown adipose tissue’s performance so that you can lose weight most efficiently and healthily as you can. It is a supplement with many benefits to using to your full advantage. It should work for everyone, so long as you take it consistently.

Therefore, I recommend everyone to take this supplement if you’re looking to have the most excellent weight loss alternative in town!

Disclaimer: All statements written in this supplement review have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration as of the given time. This product is not intended to cure, treat, heal, and alleviate any form of disease or sickness and therefore should not be used in place as medicine. Before taking this product, it is heavily advised to consult with a licensed healthcare professional.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: This supplement contains bee products. Do not take this supplement if you have bee allergies.This ia a sponsored article. The article should not be considered as advice.


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