Exipure Reviews: Does it really work

Used for generations in Vietnam,is Tropical Loophole weight loss method the shortcut to as thin as a rake body? Here’s my review and results!

Hi, there everyone! My name is Chrissie Miller and thanks for reading my exipure reviews..

In this review, I will try to answer the question: Does exipure really work and is it really worth buying it to lose weight?

What is exipure and does it really work? 

You might have watched the long video presentation where a man named Jack Barrett talks about a tropical island loophole (exipure) that has helped his wife Monika and thousands of other overweight people lose weight but what is it and does it really help you lose weight?

Exipure by Dr. Vincent Lam and Jack Barrett is a new weight loss breakthrough formula based on rare ingredients that make up the diet of people in a country where overweight people are almost non-existent..

Also called Tropical loophole, this weight loss breakthrough originates from Vietnam, and here’s something interesting about it:

  • Vietnam is officially the world’s least overweight country.
  • Just 2.1% of it’s inhabitants are considered overweight or obese! In comparison, The United States  has 42.4% obesity rate.
  • Most Vietnamese are slim, toned, full of energy and looking young for their age.
  • The Vietnamese eat huge portions of high carb and high sugar food but are immune to weight gain according to a study by the University of Leipzig in Germany.

How does exipure burn fat?

Exipure (The Tropical Loophole Jack talked about in the video you watched) increases brown fat by up to 700%…

Why is brown fat important when it comes to losing weight? According to several scientific studies, the higher the brown fat level in your body, the more calories you burn and the slimmer you will be..

People in Vietnam have a whopping 6.6 ounces of brown fat… That’s 460% more calorie burning brown fat than the average American adult…

If you would like to see testimonials from real people who lost weight with the tropical loophole, watch the video below (opens in a new page)…

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My review and results:

I’m a single mother of two beautiful children, both girls who mean the world to me. Being a single mom I have to make sure that I take care of my kids and also have a stable income.

The past few years have been very busy and stressful for me after my ex-husband left me for a younger, thinner more attractive woman! Around the same time, my grandmother had a stroke mind you..

I was very hurt for a good while, I’d even gone through depression and lost all of my confidence in myself. I feel more sorry for the kids though because he hasn’t even bothered seeing them since he ran off.

I’m the one who does everything for my two girls and life has been so busy that I’ve stopped looking after myself.

Going through depression, I’d turned to food for comfort and that just lead to me becoming bigger, unhealthy, and tired all the time.

I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I’d forgotten to take care of myself, I was gaining weight fast and it was becoming harder and harder to get motivated.

Time for change:

I decided enough is enough, I HAD to do something! This is not just for my kids, I had to do this for myself as well.

So, I turned to good old Google to search for weight loss programs to help me get back into shape.

That’s how I stumbled on the “Tropical Loophole” method that would thankfully change my life!

Below are before and after pictures of me.. I actually lost a total of 106 pounds in under 4 months.

My next goal is about 30 pounds away and in total, I want to lose about 80 more pounds, which means I still have work to do. But if I stay the course, I know I’ll get there.

Other than doing the tropical loophole (which I will explain what it’s and why it actually helps burn fat in a moment), here’s what I else I have been doing:

  • Track my food. I use an App caled My Fitness Pal for this. You set a goal and it tells you how much you need to eat.
  • Eat real food. I have stayed away from processed foods, sugar and dairy altogether. I have substituted them with vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts etc.
  • Be active. Everyday, I make sure i do something that makes me active. Whether it’s going to the gym, jogging around the neighborhood or swimming, make your body active. 
  • Joined a weight loss accountability group. This is actually an idea by a friend of mine who was also trying to lose weight. We encourage one another and that’s key when you’re trying to accomplish anything.   

Who is Dr Vincent Lam?

Dr. Vincent Lam is a 62-year-old consultant doctor originally from Cat Ba island (Vietnam). He moved to the USA to work for some of America’s biggest weight-loss companies where he worked for over 8 years as a researcher and advisor..

In the summer of 2020, he made headlines when he filed a lawsuit against 3 of the biggest weight loss companies he worked for..

In his own words, he claimed, “obesity has already been cured. The fraudulent weight loss industry is hiding it from you”.

In the lawsuit, Dr. Lam claimed he gave them fat-burning ingredients from his native country but they hid it from those who need it most and forced him into silence…

Who is Jack Barrett?

Jack Barrett is a police officer. His wife Monika Barrett was struggling with obesity for 16+ years before he met Dr Vincent Lam..

Jack used the Tropical Loophole ingredients shared with him by Dr. Vincent Lam to help his wife Monika lose 59 lbs of ugly fat from all over the body in just a few short weeks!..

Inspired by his wife’s transformation, Jack with the help of Dr Vincent Lam launched a weight loss company that manufactures 100% natural supplements that are scientifically proven to work…

That’s how Exipure (a weight loss breakthrough based on the same ingredients the Cat Ba islanders use to stay slim) was born..

You can click here to order from the official website if you want to give it a try…

The fat burning ingredients

Honestly, I haven’t heard of the ingredients in the Tropical loophole before.. Chances are you haven’t also heard of these weird ingredients.

To see the scientifically proven fat-burning ingredients in the tropical loophole breakthrough, you can click here

Researchers are actually calling one of those ingredients a “fat-burning shortcut” that could be used to combat the obesity crisis in the United States and beyond..

Being overweight can cost you your life!

Here’s something scary you need to be aware of. Excess weight on your body makes you prone to poor health, heart attack, and early death.

The statistics are in fact grim. According to the National Institute of Health, obesity, and overweight together are the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

In terms of numbers, an estimated 300,000 deaths per year are due to the obesity epidemic.

Unless you want to die of a heart attack, it’s absolutely crucial that you do something about your weight now..

I really hope this has clarified your questions on what the Tropical Loophole is. I wish you nothing but the best in your weight loss journey.

Finally, if you want to try the tropical loophole weight-loss breakthrough, here’s a link that will take you directly to the official website..

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